Airbrush Kit Dinair BASIC Tattoo Cover

Tattoo Cover Personal airbrush kit with one-speed compressor and 3 Tattoo Cover airbrush make-ups. (The kit includes products in value 336 €)

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Personal Basic Kit Xtreme - Tattoo Cover

The kit includes Dinair "One Speed" compressor, beauty airbrush and 3 airbrush make-ups - extremely covering airbrush makeup for blocking tattoos in seconds. 

Do you need to temporarily hide a tattoo? This is easy, quality and up to 4x faster than with traditional makeup. Airbrush makeup Dinair Xtreme/Tattoo Cover is specially designed for masking tattoos. Covers and conceals with one color application. No neutralizers, correctors, or concealers needed. One single product in the lightweight layer is sufficient to maintain the natural look of the skin. Dinair Xtreme/Tattoo Cover make-up is specially formulated, coverage is smooth, fresh and flexible with no flaking, fading, or cracking. The covered tattoo will last 48+ hours in perfect condition, but often longer (up to 3 days). The makeup does not rub on clothing and it is waterproof. The fastest, complete coverage for tattoos, birth marks, scars, Vitiligo and more

You can always add more shades to your kit to do full face makeup, hair highlights and touchups.


Kit includes:

  • One Speed Black Compressor & Beauty Airbrush

  • 3x make-up 7,5 ml (2x make-up Xtreme/Tatoo Cover: Vanilla, Dk.Golden Beige + 1x make-up Glamour Olive Beige). Custom colors can be mixed to create your perfect skin tone match

  • Airbrush Moisturizer - Moist & Dewy: An innovative lightweight moisturizer made from olive extract helps soften skin while giving it a dewy glow. Spray 1-2 drops over your makeup.

  • Airbrush Cleaner: This Cleaner will gently clean makeup from the airbrush, stencils, and other surfaces. Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly.

  • Airbrush Cleaning Cap Set: Simply add a couple drops of cleaner and pump. Store your airbrush day/night with cleaner and cap for everyday ready use.

  • Airbrush Case: Protect your most important beauty brush with the Dinair Leather Airbrush Case.​

  • Practice Sheet Color: FLIP the lid and a few drops of practice makeup into the cup of your airbrush. Don't waste makeup. Practice makes perfect!

  • Practice Paper: Learn the acne coverage secrets for spraying your concealer, neutralizer and foundation.

  • Practice Face Sheets: Practice face sheets help you learn to create custom shadow looks, highlights and contour, perfectly shaped brows, even winged eyeliner!

  • Airbrush Distance Guide: The guide attaches temporarily to your airbrush. It's a training guide to help rehearse holding the airbrush at the recommended distance.

  • Power adapter


Helpful tips:

Say "goodbye" to unsanitary brushes and sponges! Freshly clean skin, if you have oil prone skin. For better results, remove less is more bands. Use DINAIR "LEVER ROCKING" motion for better airbrush flow and coverage.

Apply to shaved skin for better results. Degrease the skin ( with alcohol) before application. The makeup is easily applied by airbrush spraying within 2 minutes. To cover specific smaller areas, apply from a distance of 5 cm. For total coverage, apply from a distance of 10 - 15 cm. Finally, you can spray the entire area with the included airbrush makeup from the Glamour range for a natural connection and unification with the surrounding skin. Finally, you can also apply "false freckles" and marks using a darker shade of Glamour makeup (for example Dk.Brown) to create a naturally "vivid" skin look.

The kit includes 2 Xtreme/Tattoo Cover make-ups to cover the tattoo: light shade no.106 Vanilla and darker shade no.130 Dk.Golden Beige, which you can mix with each other. You can combine the ratio of drops so that the resulting shade exactly matches the tone of your skin. It's easy, just mix a few drops directly in the cup of your airbrush. This method was developed because the skin tone changes during a year, so you have the opportunity to adjust the final shade of makeup according to current needs. Dinair offers many colors to choose from. Other shades of Xtreme/Tattoo Cover airbrush make-ups can be purchased separately at any time, even in two sizes.

You can remove Xtreme/Tatto Cover makeups with alcohol or an oil-based make-up remover.


Airbrush Cleaning (everyday use)

Clean airbrush after every use. Use the Cap System regularly to get all of the makeup out of your airbrush. Casual cleaning will not remove all of the makeup from your airbrush. Don't let for makeup gradually buildup in your airbrush and become a problem. Use the cleaning system immediately after each. Keep your airbrush clean and ready to spray! Xtreme it and Cap it !



Hold your airbrush at the right distance: With a very light pass of color, at the correct distance, you will see results of even, lightweight foundation coverage. If more coverage is needed, continue with another light pass of color.

Create custom colors: Combine a couple drops of a lighter shade with a couple drops of a darker shade to create an exact match. Use a light shade to highlight or spot correct, and a dark shade for contour. Mixing requires only a few drops of color at a time.





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