Airbrush make-up

The secret is the AIR. The charm is that AIR-BRUSH sprayes makeup in a fine mist. Make-up stays only on the skin surface, does not get into pores or wrinkles and creates a younger flawless look. The skin is naturally beautiful without the traditional mask effect.

From foundations and blush, through eye shadows and lines, masking tattoos and skin imperfections, hair and beard, to self-tan spray - Dinair can do it all!
Dinair has various lines of foundations with different coverage. From very natural (Glamour) to very opaque (Xtreme - Tattoo Cover). Airbrush make-ups are available in many shades for any skin color. Dinair Airbrush make-up is easy to remove with any cleanser or a tonic.



Airbrush make-up creating the illusion of a perfect face while allowing true skin tone to show through.


When using airbrush makeup, photographers practically does not have to retouch photos, because the skin just looks flawless. Airbrush make-up = it is "Photoshop" in real life. It is suitable for bridal makeup, photo shoots, fashion shows, TV and film, and it is ideal for everyday personal use. 




    •      Last 18+ hours
    •      Younger, natural flawless look
    •      Covered imperfections 
    •      No more contaminants on your skin
    •      Light feeling like without makeup




Why will you love it?

  • saves your time

    Make-up is applied very easily and much faster. There is no need to use brushes or powders. It is all in one! Airbrush make-up lasts up perfectly to 18 hours, no repairs during a day
  • saves your skin

    Hygienic contactless aplication. No more contaminants on your skin from makeup tools.
  • saves your money

    Airbrush makeup is 10x concentrated compared to traditional makeup. Also less wasteful - no makeup remains on brushes and sponges.



  • rub proof & water proof
  • cruelty tree
  • hypoallergenic
  • no silicones
  • no parabens
  • no parfums and oils
  • non comedogenic
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