Your Airbrush does not spray properly? No problem. Try these quick, easy and effective tips for optimum airbrush performance.

The most common reason for an unhappy airbrush is dry makeup. It is easy to fix. See our video below for easy cleaning tips. Make this a part of your daily maintenance routine to keep you spray optimal. If you feel that your airbrush is still not spraying properly please call customer service for instructions.

Here you will find how to take apart your airbrush, clean it and then reassemble it correctly. However, we don't recommend you take apart your airbrush unless you call or watch our videos.

If you do not see kit parts in our store page, please call or e-mail us and we will sell the part(s) needed.


Airbrush Cleaner
from 10 € incl. VAT
from 8,30 €

Dinair airbrush cleaner for safe and gentle cleaning of the airbrush.    

Code: 119/120
Čisticí systém
12,60 € incl. VAT
10,40 €

Special Dinair airbrush clean and travel caps for always clean and ready airbrush  

Code: 200
Lahvička s kapátkem
3,60 € incl. VAT
3 €

Empty 60ml bottle with dropper

Code: 203
Airbrush DLX 1
152 € incl. VAT
125,60 €

The NEW high performance Airbrush with an extremely precise spray  

Code: 1461
Airtan airbrush pistole
98 € incl. VAT
81 €

Airbrush for Airtan aplication - easy airbrush tanning (Large Cup)  

Code: 227
Náhradní jehla
In stock
25,20 € incl. VAT
20,80 €

Needle for CX Airbrush

Code: 206
Uzávěr regulátoru
Regulator Cap
Sold out, back in stock in 2-3 weeks
15,20 € incl. VAT
12,60 €

Regulator Cap for CX Airbrush

Code: 230
airbrush cleaning brushes
11,40 € incl. VAT
9,40 €

Get those hard to reach spots with our airbrush cleaning brushes.

Code: 1430
Kryt trysky
Nozzle Cap
In stock
17,20 € incl. VAT
14,20 €

Nozzle Cap for CX Airbrush

Code: 233
Nozzle CX
Sold out - unavailable
17,20 € incl. VAT
14,20 €

Nozzle for CX Airbrush

Code: 236
Nozzle JX2
Nozzle JX2
Sold out - unavailable
17,20 € incl. VAT
14,20 €

Nozzle for JX2 Airbrush

Code: 639
Kryt packy
Lever Grip
In stock
2,10 € incl. VAT
1,70 €

Lever Grip for Airbrush

Code: 1320
Air hose
In stock
11,60 € incl. VAT
9,60 €

Air Hose for your compressor and Airbrush. Black transparent color

Code: 1278
Adaptér s LED indikatorem
27,60 € incl. VAT
22,80 €

Power adapter 12V with EURO plug (Input 100-240~50/60hz) 

Code: 1383
Euro redukce
Euro plug
In stock
11,60 € incl. VAT
9,60 €

Adapt (standard) US prong to EURO prong. Plug EURO adapter directly into EURO outlets.

Code: 1272
Dinair cape
In stock
15,60 € incl. VAT
12,90 €

Black Dinair cape with white Dinair logo. Fastening: velcro, size 120x140, material: polyester / cotton

Code: 311
Dinair brož
19,20 € incl. VAT
15,90 €

Brighten up any outfit with a luxury sparkly limited edition Dinair Rhinestone Pin

Code: 314
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