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Airbrush for Airtan aplication - easy airbrush tanning (Large Cup)


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Airtan™ is specially formulated to spray at very low pressure. At low pressure we can produce a very focused, gentle spray pattern with almost no overspray. What little over spray occurs falls in a small radius around the subject. Little overspray also means almost no wasted product.

Airtan™ application is so neat and focused that it can be used in a bathroom, bedroom or treatment room.


How do the airbrush tanning work?

  • If your skin is very fair or want a subtle glow, you should use light tanning solution. If you want a nice, rich tan, you may want to select our dark tanning solution.
  • It takes 2 oz. for an average sized body.
  • Everyone absorbs the tan differently but you may want to use the color guide to see instant results. Use about 15 drops per 2 oz. Make sure you mix before you start to spray.
  • Avoid taking a shower at least 5 hours after tanning.
  • It is safe to use after the first trimester of pregnancy. Avoid using during the first trimester.






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