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Is it difficult to use airbrush makeup?

No! It is really easy. You literally spray the makeup on your skin. Here you will find all instructional videos and tips that will show you step by step how you can put your makeup. Already after a few times you will without problems could lay foundation and blush. Once you become familiar with your airbrush, you can go ahead and spray the eye shadow, eyebrow and even eyliner.


How to use Dinair airbrush makeup correctly?

For best results, apply to a clear skin. It is better to use a moisturizing cream because Dinair airbrush makeups are water-based. If you use an oily cream under the airbrush makeup, maybe your makeup will not stay well on the skin.


Is there a risk of getting makeup in hair or clothing?

Certainly not. Airbrush sprays very accurately, so don't worry about pollution. On the contrary, you will find that Dinair airbrush makeup does not rub and does not leave visible traces on your clothing, as it happens with a clasic makeup for example on a shirt collar.


What is the difference between ordinary (traditional) makeup and airbrush makeup?

The difference is huge, you can not really compare the two types of makeup! No other makeup is put so fine detail and smooth. Airbrush makeup puts them on your skin, unlike traditional makeup when you apply it on your skin and into your pores. Dinair airbrush makeup syringes microscopic drops of color, and you can decide how wide your foundation should be. From a light coverage and high nationwide. Dinair makeup lets your skin "breathe" and you do not need to use powder of makeup. Makeup dries instantly on the skin and is water resistant.


Should I use a powder after applying Dinair airbrush makeup?

No. You will see that no other products are needed, even for following corrections. Dinair airbrush makeup does not require any. We've tried it. :)


How long will my makeup last during a day?

Dinair airbrush makeup is very durable and does not rub. Depending on your skin type, it lasts 18 hours or more.


I don't know which shade of makeup is suitable for my skin, can you advise me?

Do not be afraid of wrong selection of shade. Tones and colors have been designed based on years of experience. When choosing an airbrush kit just choose your skin tone - fair or medium and we will send you matching shades of makeup and makeup colors as a part of the airbrush kit. But the possibilities are endless in creating various other shades. Mix different colors of makeup to create your own favorite shade. It's easy, just mix a few drops directly in your airbrush. You can combine different shades to exactly match your skin tone. This sophisticated method was developed because the skin tone changes over the year, giving you the opportunity to adjust your makeup to your current needs. Dinair offers over 300 colors to choose.


How can I use Dinair color shades? Do all shades have a specific use?

You will find in the e-shop that Dinair airbrush colors and shades are grouped according to how they are most commonly used (makeup, blush, eyeshadows, highlighters ...). Be creative! We do not define their use, it is just a starting point for your orientation. For example, makeup color could be used as an eye shadow or blush. 



What colors can I mix?

You can mix together all Dinair airbrush colors.


How do I mix colors?

Get creative! Mixing an endless variety of colors is easy using a technique called "backbubbling". You can create a color swatch palette by spraying your creations on a white sheet of paper and save your favorite shade combinations for future reference. You pour the desired drops of color into your airbrush cup. Hold the end of the airbrush and push back the button that will be pushed back air which makes the colors are mixed down into the cup. Once you reach the desired color, you can spray your new color.




Can I cover my birthmark?

Dinair airbrush makeup is great for covering birthmarks and other skin problems. For covering you will rather need makeup Camouflage - Paramedical, which is more opaque and waterproof. For example, it perfectly cover pigment spots, acne, vitiligo, rosacea, bruises, scars or varicose veins.


I suffer from acne, can I use airbrush makeup?

Yes! The advantage is that the makeup lets your skin breathe through makeup while it is very comprehensive. Because the makeup dries on your skin, you will be able to cover red bumps and the like without it disappears within a few hours.


I'm allergic, I have a sensitive skin. Will my skin tolerate Dinair airbrush makeup?

Dinair airbrush make-up is very gentle and contains no oils, fragrances and parabens or silicons. We have many customers who are very allergic not have a low tolerance makeup. All Dinair make-ups were also tested at the National Institute of Public Health in Prague and have the Certificate of Health Safety.


How much makeup do I need and how long does a bottle?

It depends on how wide your foundation should be. Do you have a normal skin, you will typically spend about 4 drops. Do you need a very wide foundation you will need about 8-10 drops of makeup. To blush and eyeshadow it is sufficient with 1 to 2 drops. The smallest makeup bottle contains approximately 160 drops makeup.


Can I use Camouflage/Paramedical and Glamour together?

Yes you can! First cover the scars, acne and spots with the “Camouflage” makeup and then spray the “Glamour” makeup on your entire face.


What do I Moist and Dewy for?

It can be used for several things. Do you tend to have a dry skin, you can spray it over your makeup. Makeup is matte, but it change when you spray Moist and Dewy on to a more dewy look. If you mix it with blush and lip colors, you get a beautiful gloss. Apply after makeup (even at any time of the day).


I have a dry skin, is airbrush makeup for me?

Yes! Airbrush makeup is also great for those who suffer from dry skin, be sure to use a good moisturizer under makeup or ideal Dinair Primer Perfect Skin Line, and finish with Moist and Dewy - Facial Moisturizer over your foundation. It adds shine and moisture to your skin.


Can I use Dinair airbrush makeup everyday?

Yes of course! You can easily use Dinair everyday and you will quickly find that your skin is nicer day by day when the airbrush makeup leaving the skin "breathe" and does not clog pores.


Is Dinair suitable for all skin types?

All skin types can use Dinair. Do you tend to oily skin, we recommend you to use skin care products that are made for oily skin, among them there Shine - Free as a lotion to be put on the makeup. 


Does anything happen if I get Dinair airbrush makeup in my eye?

No! Makeup is water based and does not sting. All Dinair make-ups were also tested at the National Institute of Public Health in Prague and have the Certificate of Health Safety.


My makeup does not last as long as it should, what can I do?

Try using a water-based moisturizer or cream without too much oil. Make sure you spray a little at a time instead of putting a heavy layer. The more fine layers you put, the longer will your makeup last.


Should I clean the Airbrush between all colors?

No, it's not necessary. We recommend this only if you use a very dark color and then you are going to use a light color.


How to clean my Airbrush?

The airbrush is cleaned with Dinair Cleaner and water (the water does not need to be distilled). The Dinair Cleaner is included in every airbrush kit, but you can also buy it separately at any time. The Airbrush must be cleaned after each make-up to avoid pigment drying and clogging the airbrush. The cleaning is very quick and easy. Watch our videos about cleaning.


My Airbrush stopped working. What do I do?

The most common reason for an unhappy airbrush is dry makeup. It is easy to fix. See our video for easy cleaning tips. Make this a part of your daily maintenance routine to keep you spray optimal. If you feel that your airbrush is still not spraying properly please call customer service for instructions.

Here (at the bottom part of the page) you will find how to take apart your airbrush, clean it and then reassemble it correctly. However, we don't recommend you take apart your airbrush unless you call or watch our videos.

Soaking your airbrush will remove buildup of makeup. Fill a small jar with warm water and adjust the water level so that you can submerge the airbrush up to the cup. Place a drop of Dinair Airbrush Cleaner into the airbrush cup. Use the rubber band to wrap around the airbrush lever to the end of the handle, securing the lever in a fully open position. Insert the airbrush into the jar of water so a little water flows into the airbrush cup. Leave the airbrush in this position until the next use and you will spend less time cleaning your airbrush!

If you do not see kit parts in our store page, please call or e-mail us and we will sell the part(s) needed.

You can also take advantage of the professional cleaning and adjustment of your airbrush, our service we offer for FREE. Just send your airbrush to our address at Dinair Central Europe Ltd. - branch, Bořivojova 878/35, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic and we will take care of your airbrush.



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